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Stop smoking
If you are at that point in your life when you have decided to stop smoking but are finding it difficult to put in to practice, hypnotherapy will help you stop smoking for good.

stop smoking for life program helps you overcome those unwanted cravings, irritability, stress and anxiety surrounding the smoking habit. Using hypnotherapy, and NLP to give you an ongoing belief in your own ability to remain free from smoking.

Quit smoking

help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy wimbledon
Remember you are always welcome to come and see me for an initial FREE consultation, to ask any questions, or lay any fears you may have about hypnotherapy,or NLP .
stop smoking for life program is carried out over three 1 hour long sessions.

1. In this session you prepare and decide a date for the big day when you finally become free from the smoking habit. Research shows that if you prepare properly you have a much higher probability of success. How you smoke, how many you smoke, when you smoke is discussed and an individual set of tasks are set in this session, to enable you to begin the process of stopping smoking. You are also given stop smoking pamphlet which gives you everything you need to stop smoking for good.

Session 2. The
hypnotherapy session. You will probably find hypnosis is nothing like you expected. Hypnosis is actually a very pleasant experience. Afterwards, it feels like you've had a good nights sleep. Importantly hypnosis erodes those strong subconscious binds that have tied you to the smoking habit for so long. By the end of the session you will be a non- smoker. You will also be given a stop smoking CD to help maintain an ongoing belief in your ability to succeed.

Session 3. Your one hour follow up session is designed to weed out any difficulties you may have and give you another major boost in the right direction. This session is usually one week after you have
stopped smoking.
This session reinforce your resolve and help you continue to be a non-smoker for the long term
stop smoking with hypnosis in wimbledon
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